About Us


Michael A. Demarziani

Michael A. Demarziani, a third- generation restauranteur  with more than 25 years of experience has mastered the art of transporting his patrons to Argentina one meal at a time.  Michael began his career along-side his father serving tables at the families first restaurant in Miami, Don Bichi.  Once realizing he shared his father's passion for food and the restaurant industry, he successively launched and operated Rincon Argentino #2.  Always focused on the improving the experience, Michael now brings us a spin-off of the families traditional Argentine restaurant, Rincon Argentino.


Our Heritage

Opening it's doors in 1987,  Rincon Argentino has cemented itself as a landmark in Miami as family business with its patriarch, Miguel Demarziani at the helm.  Over the years Rincon Argentino has served generations of South Florida patrons premium cuts of meat, imported Argentine wines, and most important its staple "a family atmosphere" where Miguel and Michael know each patron by first name.  


A Fast-Casual Steakhouse

Refusing to compromise on quality Fierro Argentine Grill transcends fast-food service by providing patrons the steak-house experience at accessible prices. Enjoy an authentic Argentine asado amongst friends and family captivating the Gaucho spirit...genuine, no frills, just meat!